Emotes by Amber Lynne

Want to see all the emotes I've done? You can view them here. You can also view them on the appropriate Toyhouse pageIf you would like me to complete one for you, please feel free to message me on Toyhouse, deviantART, Twitter, or Vgen.They are $10usd a piece, or more for animated elements.
I am willing to do bundle deals, let's chat.
Also, please note: I do not have sketches to show as I work on these. Along with that, prices may vary depending on complexity!
You can view my Vgen listing for emotes here

All of the emotes I've done. Oldest > Newest

Any and all that I do of my own characters will be here. And yes, in time, there will be a lot, as I have somewhere around 200 characters. Ideally, I want 1 for every character!

I offer freebies from time to time, and this is where the freebie ones will be listed.